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        About Us

           Tianjin Qiantongda Rubber Products Co.,Ltd.is a high technology erterprise,which mainly manufactures and sells hose crimping machines,hose cutting machines,hydraulic hose,rubber sheets,hose fittings,o rings,oil seals and the related parts.Our products are extensiveiy used to mine,metallurgy,construction machinery,chemical industry,communication and transportation,ship constuction,textile industry,etc.Our products meet the national standard and passed the ISO9000,SGS,CE and the rest.We obtain our customers' trust by the advanced technology,excellent quality,first-class service.Our products have already been used by hundreds of large-middle enterprise.With the developing of high technology and the markets broading,our products have been recognized by and exported to oversea markets,such as Australia,UK,Germany,South Africa,New Zealand, Singapore,Malaysia,Korea,India,Brazil,etc.
           We sincerely hope that we can establish the relationship of cooperation partner with each other by virtue of our various of products,quick response,and professional service.No matter the past,present,or the future,we are willing to build a friendship bridge for our beautiful tomorrow.Our corporation will focus on the purpose of"Customer is God"and dedicate to serving you.The brand of those hose crimping machine PSF is used to connecting hose fittings to hose together,hose assembly for short.Hose assemblies are widely used in oil,coal mine,aerospace,constuction machinery,agricultural machinery and other industries.
           Our machine is of high efficiency and easy to operate.In order to assist the hose crimping machine to work well,we also develop and produce all kinds of hose skiving machines and hose cutting machines,the former can peel rubber from the hose,narrowing the hose diameter,making it easy to cross the ferrules.The latter can help you obtain the length of the hose that you need.

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